Wake Up Yoga Fairmount

Wednesday, August 25th

7:30 - 8:30pm

Contribution: $7, or one half-class on your class card

No pre-registration required...just drop in!

Yoga asana classes (like Vinyasa or Yin yoga) are excellent ways to “open the door” into the study and practice of yoga.  Everything But Asana is a once-a-month series of classes designed to explore the numerous other principles and practices of yoga that can only be briefly introduced or touched on in yoga asana classes.  Take this opportunity to stretch everything besides your hamstrings!   We will take a peek at a variety of practices, including Ayurveda, chanting and Sanskrit, meditation, and philosophy.  There’s time to ask questions, take notes, and most importantly, have an experience!  This series is offered in the approachable and digestible format of a regular class, not a workshop.  No registration required. 


Theme for August: Yoga will make all your wishes come true. Intrigued how yoga can work such magic? Then come to learn more!