Hawthorne Yoga & Reiki
 Saturday, September 18
Saturday, October 23
Saturday, November 20
at 3:00pm

with Dana Bender, a full-time Health Fitness Specialist and Yoga Alliance certified Registered Yoga Teacher with a BA in Health Promotion and Fitness Management.

“Everyone, everywhere deserves to be at ease with themselves and their bodies”
– Sprout Yoga, founder Maggie Juliano (

Practicing yoga can improve physical health & psychological disorders. The health benefits of yoga include improved body image, less depression & weight loss. On this idea of improving body awareness and changing self-depleting thoughts, participate in a “Transforming Body Insight and Acceptance” yoga practice.  This workshop/class will be a fundraiser for Sprout Yoga, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those who are healing from post traumatic stress disorder (such as rape and domestic abuse survivors) and eating disorders. The organization was created to provide free yoga to those who suffer. Sprout Yoga’s mission is to create and support a national network of yoga teachers and licensed counselors who understand how yoga can play a role in healing from eating disorders and/or post traumatic stress disorder. 
Come support a great cause as well as actively develop confidence in listening to your body, bring an enhanced kinesthetic awareness to your practice, fill your thoughts with self-love, and release any self-detrimental emotions blocked or suppressed in the body.  In this workshop, expect to learn more about Sprout Yoga, experience a full-length yoga practice with interwoven insight, group interaction, visualizations, and self-exploration all utilized for enhancing one’s self-understanding and self-acceptance.