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Happy Summer!

Hi! I made this website to share my knowledge of free and low-cost yoga classes in Philly. I designate "low-cost" as any class $10 or under. If you've never tried yoga before, I encourage you to give it a shot and allow it space to change your life. Yoga is for everyone, not just for the wealthy. Please share with your friends!

last update 06/14/11: mass calendar updates, new south philly studio

Low-cost all the time:

*   Hawthorne Yoga & Reiki offers all of their classes sliding scale, $5-15. Mat rental is $1-2. Work exchange is available. Visit their location in Kensington!

*   Sankhya Yoga & Wellness Center offers all of their classes for $7 each. Mat rental is FREE.

*   Studio 34 offers most classes at $10 and under. Work exchange is available. Mats may be borrowed.

*   Springboard Studio in Mt. Airy has donation-only yoga classes in the mornings, Monday through Saturday.

*   lululemon athletica has FREE yoga classes every Sunday at 10 am in the store. Some mats are available to borrow.

*   Practice Yoga Studio has a discounted rate of $10 for full-time students. Mats are available to borrow.

*   Wake-Up Yoga offers a discounted rate of $10/class for students, single parents, temporarily unemployed folks, and AmeriCorps volunteers. Also, all 8 AM and 9 AM classes are $7.

*   Balance Health Center & Yoga Spa offers its group yoga classes at $8 for students with ID.

*   Anjali Power Yoga offers a $10 drop-in rate for students.

*   Temple of the Lotus has a discounted $10 rate for students.

*   Garland of Letters bookstore has a series of classical yoga classes held each month. 4 classes for $40. Scholarships are available.

*   Your local YMCA may offer yoga classes that are included in your monthly membership fee. If you plan to attend classes several times a week, this may wind up being a good deal.

*   Your neighborhood recreation center may offer yoga classes that are priced with working people in mind.

*   Your at-home practice is always free :)


Affordable classes happening today:




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