09/06/10 New donation class at Shanti Yoga Shala added to calendar
09/07/10 Free class at Dhyana Rittenhouse posted on blog
09/09/10 Calendar updates for Blue Banyan, Hawthorne
09/18/10 Calendar updates for Sankhya Yoga, September special rates in Budget Events
10/03/10 Calendar updates for Wake Up, Hawthorne, Kensington Yoga, new student rate at Practice Yoga Studio, updates to Budget Events
10/05/10 New Budget Event in Old City, new class in Mt. Airy
10/14/10 Free Shaminism & Yoga class at Dhyana
10/15/10 New morning vinyasa classes at Studio 34
10/16/10 New free weekly vinyasa class at Dhyana Old City

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